Staged construction inspection

An Adelaide Home Inspection provides a level of assurance that you need to rest easy while your build progresses.

Our experienced and licenced building supervisors understand the home building process inside out; we even speak the same language as your builder!

Our staged construction inspection reports deliver “construction certainty” that the construction work on your building project is being carried out in accordance with the approved plans, National Construction Code, applicable Australian Standards and that workmanship meets acceptable industry standards.

Our staged inspections are generally carried out at the following critical stages;

  • Concrete slab reinforcing, formwork and penetration termite collars in place ready for the concrete pour.
  • Floor/wall and roof framing complete with bracing and tie-downs completed.
  • Lock up stage i.e. Roof cover, External cladding and external doors/windows complete.
  • Internal linings and wet area waterproofing complete.
  • Pre Practical Completion /Handover

Whether you choose several or all of our staged construction inspections, we provide a thorough written report, including photographic evidence, identifying any non-compliance issues. We are also happy to meet with you or your building supervisor to explain our findings.

As registered building supervisors, we understand the requirements of the building process and work to ensure your home complies with the approved plans, specifications, National Construction Code and relevant Australian and local standards.

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