Pre-purchase home inspection

A pre-purchase home inspection is one thing that you can use to your advantage to make your home buying as stress free as possible- one without the uncertainty and disappointment many have experienced.

You’ll find that our detailed inspection and comprehensive reporting will provide benefits such as;

  • identifying major defects and safety concerns that should possibly be rectified by the vendor before settlement occurs.
  • knowing if the property is worth being purchased “as is”, or walking away from the purchase.
  • preventing costly and unexpected ongoing maintenance moving forward.
  • putting you in a position to negotiate a more favourable purchase price.

All our home inspections exceed Australian Standards.

To ensure we hold ourselves to the highest level of service possible, all our inspections exceed the requirements of Australian Standard 4349.1- 2007, relating to pre-purchase inspections.

Our extensive construction supervision experience means we know what we are looking at, what needs urgent repair and what is likely to cause problems into the future.

Having our team on your side is the most powerful approach.

Using Adelaide Home Inspection takes the stress and uncertainty from your purchasing experience. Many purchasers think they can identify defects with a quick “walk through” of the home.

We take the time to actively look at all of the accessible building elements and know where the problems lay.

Every inspection that we carry out is thorough and we ensure that you are armed with the information that will enable you to make an informed decision.

We are an indispensable component in building certainty into your next home purchase.

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