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We provide the insight that one deserves to make home buying more certain

All too often, purchasers overlook the fact that buying a home can be risky and stressful if it’s not done properly.

Whether you’re purchasing your dream home, building a new home, renovating or purchasing an investment property, our capabilities ensure that you get the best results.

A thorough inspection avoids costly surprises and is an invaluable component of a well planned purchase!

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

Buying a home can be a priceless experience or one that you just want to forget, it all depends on the approach you take and processes that you put in place from the start.

Using Adelaide Home Inspection to conduct your pre-purchase inspection takes the stress and uncertainty from this process; it is an indispensable component of a well-planned purchase.

Combined Timber Pest and Home Inspection

Combined Timber Pest and Home Inspection

A Combined Building and timber pest pre-purchase inspection comprises two inspections and is our most comprehensive inspection service.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for Adelaide homes as it covers the best of both worlds; building defects and timber pest activity.

Staged Construction Inspection

Staged Construction Inspection

Building a new home or extending an existing home is one of life’s rewarding experiences-until construction oversights cause real problems “down the track”.

Missed tie-downs, leaking flashings, incorrect wet area waterproofing- these types of oversights can cause real problems- often leaving the homeowner facing expensive rectification works.

Construction defect investigation

Construction defect investigation

Things not looking quite right on your building project?

Adelaide Home Inspection can visit the site to learn about the problems then initiate an impartial resolution.

We can assess the building work against the approved plans and specifications, the National Construction Code and relevant local and Australian Standards.

FAQ – Adelaide Home Inspection

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a visual, non-invasive examination of the condition of a home that provides one of the most valuable indicators when deciding to purchase a property.

Our inspections provide an unbiased, professional assessment of the condition of the home, providing you with an expert third party opinion and professional report on the condition of the property.

Our inspection reports provide advice regarding the incidence of major defects and an opinion regarding the incidence of minor defects, relative to the condition of similar homes that have been reasonably well maintained.

Our inspections comply with the requirements of the current Australian Standards and we inspect the following areas, where safe and reasonable access is available;

(a) The interior of the home.

(b) The roof space.

(c) The exterior of the home.

(d) The sub-floor space.

(e) The roof exterior.

(f) The property within 30 m of the home subject to inspection.

Who needs a Pre-Purchase Home Inspection?

Anyone buying a home should be aware that engaging Adelaide Home Inspection will help look out for their best interests.

Why use Adelaide Home Inspection?

We use only registered and licenced building supervisors to undertake our inspections- we understand the building process, the pitfalls and the root cause of building defects.

We have extensive construction experience spanning residential, commercial, civil, structural and property development- we provide professional, independent and unbiased information on the condition of the home to assist you in buying with confidence.

Does Adelaide Home Inspection arrange the inspection?

Yes, we liaise directly with the real estate agent or vendor on your behalf to arrange access to the property.

From the moment that you book an inspection, Adelaide Home Inspection will manage the whole process for you.

Why have a Home Inspection?

Buying a home isn’t only a significant investment; it’s a life-changing move, whether good or bad is determined by how much attention to detail there is during this process.

Home buyers looking to purchase their new home as well as those with a property undergoing construction or renovation are types of people who would benefit from having a professional inspection done.

At Adelaide Home Inspection, we exceed the requirements of Australian Standard 4349.1 (2007), Inspection of Buildings and Australian Standard 4349.3 (2010), Timber Pest Inspections.

Our inspection reports provide valuable advice regarding the incidence of major defects and an opinion regarding the incidence of minor defects of your new home.

Who needs a Staged Construction Inspection?

Anyone building a new home or extending an existing home will benefit from our Staged Construction Inspections. These inspections (and our extensive reporting) identify non-conformance within your build- oversights that can cause expensive rectification works down the track.

Can I attend the inspection?

We encourage our clients to attend the later part of our inspection where we can discuss and advise first hand any problems that we may have encountered. This is in addition to our written summary and report that will be emailed to you shortly after the site inspection concludes.

Is Adelaide Home Inspection insured?

Yes, we are comprehensively covered with both professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance for your protection.


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